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Choosing A Wedding Date – Minneapolis/St. Paul Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! If you have not set your wedding date yet, you may want to consider certain dates that are popular, dates that are considered “unlucky” (if you are superstitious), and dates that may have save you some money.

You may have dreamed about getting married on Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve since you were nine, but the fact is that these dates are extremely popular and may get booked a year or sometimes a couple years in advance. Keep in mind that flowers may soar on Valentines’ Day (it’s not surprising that it will triple the cost you would have in other dates), restaurant may be packed with Valentines’ dinner goers (they may charge a premium on booking their hall!), and there may be a lot of competitions among the photographers, officiants, limos, and bands. The same may apply to Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve weddings. While you may save dough for having the wedding in winter time. You may want to consider the frigid temperature, snow storms (aren’t we lucky?), and snow emergency (you don’t want your guests to not be aware of the Minneapolis/St. Paul special parking rules during snow emergencies that they end up finding their cars in the impound lot. yikes!) You may also want to do an online check on big events that are happening around Twin Cities, such as Twin Cities Marathon (during which hotel rooms maybe scarce and pricey) and depending on your ceremony or reception location, you may want to be particularly keen about the major baseball or football season, where the traffic can be a problem and a lot of rowdy crowd on the road.

If you are superstitious, the Japanese considers the number 4 as a bad luck because it is pronounced the same as the word death (shi). Since the number 4 itself is already considered unlucky, when it held on the fourth month, the potential of “disaster” may increased. Getting married in the same date as your birthday (or your fiance’s birthday) is also believed to bring misfortune in your wedding. To top this list is Friday the 13th of any month. Most couples would rather not get married on the thirteenth because of the association of the number as bad luck. Some hotels don’t have the 13th floor or some airplanes skip the 13th aisle, just in case their customers are superstitious.

Now after you digest all this information, the most important thing in choosing your wedding date is the personal and cultural implications on both of you and your families. Do you want to get married on the same date as you first met your fiance? or when you had you first kiss? or first dance? Do you or your fiance have certain beliefs that would affect choosing the right date? As we all know, living in Minnesota brings the best in us in terms of surviving the weather. June, July and August are the most popular months but also the most expensive months at the same time since the weather brings about warmer season and outdoor living (yes, we love the outdoors!). September and October are growing to be ever more popular for their Fall colors (gorgeous!) and their slightly more affordable months. Of course, there is nothing stopping you if you love the snow and winter time. Besides the three dates that were mentioned above, the advantage of having a wedding at winter time, especially during the holidays, is that you may slice up the cost of decorations (most reception halls and hotels are already decorated). As far as the day of the week, Saturday is the most popular day, followed by Sunday. Thursday and Friday nights are also getting more popularity due to its availability and lower costs.

So is there any particular date that is really good or really bad? All dates are connected to something. It’s a good idea to reassess the story and happenings on the date and the days surrounding it. I wish you a fabulous time in planning your wedding and best of luck in your marriage. May this New Year brings happiness and prosperity for you and your soon-to-be spouse!


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