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Eco-Fashionista Bride-To-Be: Rejoice!

Seriously, who would have thought that these gorgeous gowns were created from sustainable materials? Jason Alexander’s new collection: Jason Alexander PURE has successfully combined luxurious, organic fabrics with stunning natural accents. The fact that his whole company has embraced the green initiative makes my heart burst with joy. I love what Conscious Clothing, a hemp silk wedding attire company said about the commitment in marriage and its connection to the planet: “By choosing to wear a natural fiber on this special day, a woman is honoring not only the sacredness of her commitment to her partner, but also the very sacred connection that we all share with our planet.”

I also found these designers who incorporated hemp, cotton, and organic silk into stunning gowns:

Rene Geneva Design

Olivia Luca

Chrissy Wai-Ching

Morgan Boszilkov


Local Resource: Andrea’s Vintage Bridal – 726 West 26th Street, Minneapolis, MN

So there … keep the gorgeous in you and in your world – Rejoice!


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