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Picking The Perfect Pallete

When it comes to choosing the perfect colors to your wedding, there are few things that you need to consider:

1. Visual Feast
Each color combination must be pleasing to the eyes. Pay attention to skin tones of your bridesmaids and the overal mood of the wedding. Pick two main colors to avoid color clash and to maintain the elegance of a wedding. Choose the colors that you can’t live without and your own visual feast awaits you.

2. Symbol of love
Believe it or not, the colors that you choose for the wedding will be the symbol of colors that you and your fiance’s absolutely love together (the word “together” is crucial here). It is important to balance the feminine colors with masculine ones so that the look and feel of the wedding wouldn’t be one sided only.

3. Base Colors
The most universal base color for weddings is obviously white. However, there are shades of whites that you may consider to match perfectly to your chosen colors. Wikipedia shows 15 shades of white to choose from:

To learn more about wedding color pallete, check out newest video about Color School.

This year’s Pantone Color: HoneySuckle


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