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Serving boxed wine: tacky or savvy?

Image from The Daily Green

As the Blackbox Wine gushes on their website ” … not all great wines end up in a bottle”. Sure … but is it great enough to serve at YOUR wedding?

Wine in a box is certainly not a new idea to bring up to the table, yet I wonder if there are couples out there who would be brave enough to be inside-the-box by choosing a type of wine container that would imply their out-of-the-box thinking. Aside from the taste quality, having boxed wines is convenient, more value to the dollar, and not to mention eco-friendly. According to The Daily Green, “Boxed wine packaging amounts to just 4% of its total weight, compared to 70% for traditional bottles. That all adds up to a smaller carbon footprint”. Which also means you can transport more wine to your party with less fuel because boxes are lighter and the square shape means less wasted space than that of the normal wine bottles. To top it off, most boxes are recyclable, while most bottles … not so much. Well, I guess I have seen vintage wine bottles turned chandelier sold by Pottery Barn.

I digress.

The point is: would YOU serve boxed wine at your wedding? Is it tacky or savvy?
Here are some great contenders to the beloved bottled wines:

1. Blackbox Wine
Equal to 4 boxes of 750ml at about $30 – which means about $7.50 per bottle. The value can’t be beat. According to, “their Merlot was a Gold Medal recipient at the San Francisco International Wine Competition [as well as] their 2003 Paso Robles Cabernet won a gold medal at the Dallas Morning News Wine Competition. Other wines include the Napa Valley Chardonnay Reserve, Pinot Grigio and the Black Box Shiraz”.

2. Yellow and Blue
From the color standpoint, they would look absolutely adorable at a wedding with yellow and blue theme. With only $12 per box, this boxed wine is not only keeping the “green” in your pocket but is also a true “green” in a sense of using organic grapes and Tetra Pak Carton (made from 75% responsibly managed forest trees). Yes, BIG HORRAY to all!

Well, the name is very chic – but wait till you see the packaging. O.M.G. My head is spinning with all new ideas. Actually, it inspired me to create an inspiration board, totally from this box. Boxed with 95% recycled material, printed with soy-based ink, and at $24 per 3-litter box, this wine is worthy of an Oscar.


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