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The Salt Covenant

A new twist on Unity Candle and Sand ceremonies at weddings is the Salt Covenant. When I found out about this, the first thing that came to my mind was: brilliant. The Salt Covenant is not only unique but also brings great meaning to the bride and groom.

Image and wording below from CenteredCeramics

The Story of the Salt Covenant

The Salt Covenant
During ancient times, agreements and promises were sealed by a salt covenant. Each person would take a pinch of salt from their pouch and place it in the pouch of the other. This agreement could not be broken unless an individual could retrieve their own grains of salt. But this, of course, is impossible.

This raku-fired salt egg has been especially made for you to create a salt covenant with your spouse in the beginning of your new life together.

Both spouses should take a bag of salt and combine the the two bags inside the egg.This a bond that can not be broken… as is a symbol of an unbreakable promise of love.

Salt is to add flavor to any meal. Just so, salt in a wedding ceremony is a symbol of adding seasoning to a marriage that will not easily broken.

Why do you need salt in your marriage?

Salt is a good preservative. It will help you remember that your love for one another should be preserved for all time.

Salt adds flavor. We all need a little spice in our lives.

Salt melts ice. When your heart begins to grow cold you can melt one another again.

Salt is easily dissolved. You can remember to dissolve your issues and learn to work together.

Now use this salt in your cooking until it’s gone, and then each time it needs refilled, refill it together. It is a wonderful way to remember what your marriage is about.

Why an egg? The egg shape symbolizes the full cycle of life, and therefore encompasses all that you will enjoy, create, and love with in your life together.

This Salt Covenant can be purchased at

image from CenteredCeramics


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