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Video Shoot with Staja Studios

This morning I had the privilege to participate in a video shoot with Staja Studios for their new cinematic video product line. I am still in adrenaline high as I am writing this blog, even though I had only 3 hour of sleep last night (my little boy had a fever and was constantly up since 3 am). It was a fantastic interview by Jason Thon and me being a background person was actually quite at ease, thanks to Ryan for shooting the video. I can’t wait to see the final product!

I can’t tell you how much I highly recommend Staja Studios for their work in weddings and also in charity work. They are super amazing! If you are still looking for an awesome photographer for your wedding or special event, please give them a call and check out their new booklet at: They are also offering photo sessions for babies and families after the wedding. Who doesn’t love that?

Also this morning (see why I was so excited?) I met a wonderful Kaja Foat, the owner of Foat Design. Do you know what she does? Well, I feel giddy for introducing her to you. She does an amazing work of re-designing bridal gowns from the past into a totally new, totally fabulous dress of the present. Let’s say, your mom had this beautiful bridal gown which she wore for her wedding that you are absolutely in love with. Perhaps as time passes, some of the fabric is no longer in good condition or you just want to re-create a dress of your own but using some of her fabric for sentimental reason. By any means, call Kaja Foat! I saw with my own eyes this morning how she transformed a 1940s dress into a simple, one-of-a-kind dress that will surely be amazing to wear. She also designs yoga and every-day apparel that are just so sweet. Check her out at:


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