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Lisa & John’s Wedding

Lisa & John’s Wedding

When I first heard about my friend Lisa getting married, I was thoroughly overjoyed.  My husband actually knew Lisa longer than I did. But she instantly became a good friend to me as she was (and still is!) to my husband. Then when we were introduced to John, we were amazed at how good they are together. John and Lisa are truly meant for each other. He can make her laugh like there is no tomorrow.  And her laughter is so contagious! She has the most beautiful smile and (Oh my) the perfect skin! As you can see from the pictures below (captured by the talented Laura Ivanova Photography), you can feel the love beaming from both of them. I was not the “official” wedding planner but I helped out here and there to create the picture perfect day for Lisa & John.

Venue: Heartland Restaurant

Photographer: Laura Ivanova Photography

Flowers: Luna Vinca

Decoration: John’s mom

Musician: Alicia Determan

Officiant: Kjersti Moline of Grand Avenue Wedding Officiants

Wedding Favors/Ideas/Vendor Contacts: Bee The Buzz Event

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