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Can a “green” wedding be done in Minnesota?

The answer to that is: ABSOLUTELY! If you have set your heart on having a wedding that leaves the least amount of footprints on this earth, we have a solution for you. Our passion in coordinating and producing in a green wedding is to utilize all elements of the wedding to be either reusable, recyclable or even edible! Minnesotans are starting to catch up on “greening” their wedding planning and we could not be happier! Check out our blog at Maple Grove Patch recently:

One absolute misconception of a “green” wedding is that it will look cheap and old. I am here to tell you that it is not the case at all!  Yes, it will take extra energy to plan for what the excess “stuff” or “waste” are going post-reception, but I guarantee you it will all be worth it.

Here are a few options for donating post-reception “miscellaneous” items:

1. Senior Centers

There are many senior centers in the Twin Cities area. Since I live in Maple Grove, there is Rose Arbor and Wildflower Lodge which has served the communities for a long time.

2. Children’s Hospitals

With choices of Children of MN Hospitals, Gillete Children Hospital, U of M Children Hospital, you have plenty of options to spread a little bit of love and imagine the smiles on their faces.

3. Churches

Ask your own church if you could donate the flowers from your wedding to decorate their chapel. Most likely than not, they will be very happy to receive gorgeous arrangements that will light up the room for at least one more week!


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