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October Blues – Remembering Mom & Her Style in Current Trends

October Blues – Remembering Mom & Her Style in Current Trends

October has always been a nostalgic month for me since mom passed. What I am about to share is the woman who had shaped who I am today and who had influence me on how I came to love designing and planning events.  Both of my parents had the chance to be the organizers for annual Christmas  production at my church back home. I could still remember when Dad was the chair person for one year and mom was one for the following year.  So I could say that those years were two of the busiest years in our family.  I think some of those genes came down to me (it’s in the blood, right?) that I too love the hustle and bustle of a production.  That is the same way I approach all of my events. Each event is a production – where the bride and the groom are the stars. The difference is the stars in my production do not have to work or much less lifting a finger. All they need to do is to show up and ready to have a good time! And me … my satisfaction is just to be on the side line watching them soaking in their happiness. Pure bliss.

Aside from the production itself, I have to give credit to my mother who passed away 7 years ago this month. She was 59. She taught me to love God, to work hard, and to always press on. She underwent a kidney transplant and was healthy for about a couple years after the surgery.  She passed away about 3 months before my wedding. Dad thinks she was too excited to see me getting married. Perhaps that is why there is something inside of me that made me want to give my all when producing a memorable event – so that the mothers of my clients would have a chance to see her daughter/son getting married. And as if through their experience I could imagine how my mother would have experienced.

Here are some pictures of my beautiful mother.  See how stylish she was and how her style could be an inspiration for weddings right now!

I know where my love of polka dots come from. A similar style of her dress can be found here

     Jackie O’s glasses adds fashion to the whole look. Picture below from

Mixing Purple and Pink? No problem. Dressing up the guys with her colors? Oh yeah!

 The one person in the family who could pull off  a jumper and still be stylish. Post-wedding brunch style?

Have you seen the trend in color blocks lately? Mom had it back then and Carolina Herrera has a color-block wedding dress in her Spring 2012 collection! Read more here

Pink and Silver + A bit futuristik = Mod Circles Invitations  (

Mom in the middle. Mixing black and white patterns. Circa 1990.  Wedding Cake can be stylish too.


I hope I made you proud. Miss you so much.

~ your daughter


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  1. this is so sweet and beautiful!
    Elizabeth Anne

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