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Win Cute Totes for Your Bridesmaids (up to 3)

Hey lovelies,

This project has been in the works for quite some time. Up until recently, I have not found a great momentum to promote it. I think now is THE perfect time!

I am so excited to be working with Eve-N-Artistry, a San Fransisco based company, owned by my very dear friend from college days. Siska Wijata, the owner, was my roommate back in University of Kansas (Rock Chalk Jayhawk) and is still the sweetest person you will ever meet. She helped me in turning my vision into reality by creating this awesome graphic with Minnesota map which is so lovely and incredibly personal. So here it is :

A Personalized, Eco-Friendly, Vintage-Inspired Tote

Made from 100% cotton, this tote is a stylish way of your bridesmaids to bring all of their essentials to your wedding day. With the Minnesota’s state bird and flower vintage look, you know for sure that your Minnesota wedding will be remembered forever.

To launch this product, I am offering a chance to win up to 3 FREE (yes, I said free) totes for your lovely bridesmaids if you come and visit BEE THE BUZZ EVENT booth at Minnesota Bride Look of Love Bridal Event on February 4th, 2012 at Westin Edina. Stop by and leave your name and info and we will announce it on Valentine’s Day (how sweet it that?).  When you win these totes, you will be able to pick your wedding colors and customized it just the way you want it!*

As far as content goes … it is up to your heart desires what you want to put into this tote. They are your very best friends who have been with you through thick and thin. So make sure you make this special for them!

Here are my recommendations:

1. Their (not yours) favorite perfume

You want them to look good but also smell good! Give them something that they love and that will leave a lasting impression.

2. An Off-shoulder mini summer dress

Instead of going from room to room in a hotel’s bathrobe to get ready on the wedding day, why don’t you give them something that they can wear in style? This off-the-shoulder pure cotton dress is perfect to slip on and off and with the price of $21, there is no need to worry for stains and drips. Dress is found from

3. For the practical group, you can always give your ladies the Bridal Party Survival Kit. And for an added personal touch, the creative folks at 100 Layer Cake has created cute, free to download templates for you in fun multicolor polkadots or in pink and blue damasks.

These totes can easily be used for your guest Out-of-Town bags as well. Put some yummy goodies in there and I guarantee your guests will be jolly!  To request more information, please contact us at

* Price at $12.99 per tote. Customization will incur additional charges.


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