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What kind of bride are you? A BOHO Bride

By Aysha Perez de Berthiaume

Recent news of a friends engagement got me thinking….what kind of bride would she be.  She is a creative, easy-going, carefree spirit. She is a BOHEMIAN bride.

A bohemian bride does not follow conventional standards. A bohemian wedding is stylish yet relaxed.  Here is how I would put together a bohemian wedding.


To me a bohemian wedding is outside from start to finish, and remember a bohemian bride is unconventional so I’m not going to suggest a ballroom.  Consider renting a summer camp! The sun, the nature, the cabins, are perfect backdrops for a bohemian event. The website will provide you with a list of rentable camps nationwide and you will be surprised on how reasonably priced the rentals are. If renting a camp is not an option for you consider asking family or friends that own a large piece of land and create a ceremony and reception space on the raw land.

When setting up your ceremony space chairs are out. Use benches, fabric covered hay bales or even couches for your guests to sit on. Create an arch with greens or use ribbons to create the focal point at the end of the aisle.



Instead of having unity candle (which usually will not work well for outdoor weddings), have both mothers gather soils from their homes and add the soil to a Unity Tree, which will be planted at your garden.


And before you exchange the rings, do a ring warming ceremony. Read more here.



For the dinner portion of your wedding, serve dinner family style. It is all about togetherness! Mixed matched vintage vases filled with wild flowers are the perfect pairing for the style.




Boho brides are fearless with their fashion so of course don’t hold back on your big day. Wear chunky jewelry and a floral or diamond headband. Wear vintage or new but pick something comfortable and uniquely you.  For the bridal party keep it fun and not too formal. Consider having everyone involved have their own look, but still cohesive.




Grooms and groomsmen: no suits, please. Keep it relaxed with slacks and a button down. Throw on some suspenders and a tie and you are all set.



I  love these invites they are fun and quirky just like my bohemian bride.


Using rocks as escort cards really fits with the woodsy bohemian theme.


Instead of your standard wedding guest book, set up a space for a communal painting. In the end, you will have a funky piece of art that will always remind you of your big day.



I hope all you boho brides out there found a little bit of inspiration for this article and congrats to my inspiration Collin and Tara Lee!


~ Aysha Perez de Berthiaume is a real  Bee The Buzz Event bride.  She now resides with her husband and her little boy in a suburb of Twin Cities ~

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