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What kind of Bride are you? I want to know Men’s Fashion

By Aysha Perez de Berthiaume

With all this “what kind of bride are you” talk I started to think what about the men …. I mean, aren’t there usually two people involved in this holy union? Ok. Let’s face it. The theme/inspiration – whatever you want to call it – will be decided by the bride. So what does a groom claim as his? Let’s start with the outfit. In my humble opinion as the groom he should be able to wear what he wants, and he should be able to pick out what the groomsmen will wear. Let’s be fair ladies, do we ask for his opinion when picking out our dresses or our bridesmaids dresses? Some of us did. But the majority of us .. perhaps not.

Guys, you need to show your personality through your outfit choice. You don’t have to stick with the standard rented black suit or tux with the colored vest and tie. Consider this: purchasing a new suit!  This is also a great option for your groomsmen. Instead of wasting 200 bucks or so in a rental, invest that in a suit you will keep and wear for years. You don’t have to break the bank either. Here are some places that carry reasonably priced good-looking suits:

Men’s Warehouse


JC Penney

When purchasing your suit, step outside the box and by that, I mean with color or fabric. Khaki, grey and navy are unexpected color choices for suits that can make a huge impact. Seersucker, linen, and velvet are fun and unique fabric choices. The underpinning can be just as unique as your suit. Think stripes or even plaid. Picking a shirt can be trickier then you think. There is a great article from GQ that breaks down the art of picking a dress shirt. Read more here

Now another option is to scrap the whole suit idea completely. How about just having your groomsmen wear a great pair of slacks, nice shirt and tie or bow tie in the color-coordinated but mis-matched fashion? {via}

Regardless which direction you choose: casual or formal, the key to looking sleek on your big day is fit. A tailor is your new best friend. A well-tailored suit and shirt can transform a man into a lean mean wedding machine.

This one sounds like a no brainer but you would be surprised on how often brides do the shopping for the groomsmen gifts. Bottom line men select your own groomsmen gifts.  Yes, flasks and monogrammed beer mugs are nice, but really they are not unique, personal or practical. A great practical gift is a wallet; insert a note in the wallet thanking them for being part of your big day. Gift your men ties to wear on your big day. The tie can then be worn again and again. Purchase each groomsman tickets to a sporting event, festival or host a camping trip. That way you have an excuse to all get together again after the wedding.


Special message for the Groom: The best way to put your stamp on your wedding day is to voice your opinion. When asked “what do you think?” answer the question with your opinion; don’t just say “whatever you think is best”. Be present in the planning process and care about the little details.


~ Aysha Perez de Berthiaume is a real  Bee The Buzz Event bride.  She now resides with her husband and her little boy in a suburb of Twin Cities ~


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