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Celebrating the Bees and their Buzz on Earth Month


By Stephanie Taylor

Determined to stand out and stand up for a cause, Beatrice Mulawarman set out to pick a unique name when starting her wedding planning agency.  Bee the Buzz Event is the first and only green wedding planning agency in Minnesota.

Mulawarman’s goal is to help couples start their new life with an awareness of the world they live in.  Bee the Buzz Event aims to create beautiful, sustainable events that positively impact the environment. Like bees, known for the ability to help their “sister” bees find food through social interaction, Bee the Buzz Event strives to help its “sisters” plan the greatest day of their lives with a sustainable twist.

“We would like to make a difference in not only a great celebration of a new beginning but also in the world where the couple will live in,” she says.

Bee the Buzz Event combines rental and re-usable items with the elegance and regality of wedding planning. The company minimizes paper use by utilizing as much technology as possible and donates a portion of its proceeds to plant trees around Minnesota. It also offers a donation program to senior centers or non-profit organizations.

Bee the Buzz Event kicks off every April, which is Earth Month, with a booking incentive for a very lucky few. The month started off as “Global Clean-up Month” in 1968 and became Earth Month officially in 1970, is dedicated to environmental service and awareness. Issues such as the dying honeybee population, pollution and climate change are at the forefront of discussion across the nation.

Bee the Buzz Event seeks to assist in mitigating these problems and to support the preservation of the environment through its one-of-a-kind, sustainable weddings.  Mulawarman and her team will continue to spread the buzz about environment conservation efforts, making a difference one wedding at a time.

“Bees do a little dance at the end (of their search for food) to point out that food is nearby,” Mulawarman says. “We also do a little quiet dance ourselves when seeing our “sister” is having the greatest time of her life.”

The tradition has always been to have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Bee the Buzz Event suggests adding something green to that list too. Be sure to check back on the blog for tips on how to make your big day a sustainable event!



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