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Erin and John – 1950s Polka Dot -Inspired DIY Wedding

Get ready for a super cute, super creative Do-It-Yourself wedding! We hand-picked every wedding that got featured on our blog, and we thought this would be a great inspiration to you all. The bride and her mother really took D-I-Y  projects to a whole other level. Erin, the bride, hand-sewn all of the bouquets, boutonnieres and flower centerpieces, while Paula, the mother of the bride, did all of the decorations, including a one-of-a-kind cake topper (which is a collaboration with her husband). To this day, I am still in awe at how much of their personal touches really made the look of this wedding.  One bridesmaid said to me that Erin “styled” her outfit. No wonder that each color combination and style blend perfectly to create this 1950s Polka Dot Inspired wedding. Erin even had the perfect shade of red lipstick!

This mother-daughter duo had no doubt created a fantastic do-it-yourself wedding. On top of being super creative, Paula is one of the best clients I have ever had. She was detail-oriented and was a very good communicator. I had the greatest pleasure working with her! Be sure to read how they came up with this wedding style on Paula’s commentary at the end of this page! I love how they thought about the “green” aspects of styling a wedding. Kudos to them!


The wedding was held at Theodore Wirth Chalet on a chilly October day. It may look a little overcast from the outside but it was very festive in the inside!


Erin styled her husband and her bridal party in a such chic color combination. The men had matching polka-dot bow ties and suspenders. The bridesmaids were perfectly mis-matched! All together = gorgeous.


This is the bridal bouquet that Erin made herself – such a beautiful art!

end of ceremony

Paula styled the items for the fire place. From matching painted mason jars to the twinkle lights to the bunting flags, every single item that was up on that mantel was thought of carefully and executed in superb precision.

E & J in door way


Every single of the detail here was lovingly made by the mother of the bride.


One centerpiece per table? Of course, not! We have 3 different shapes of vases that made every table is unique from one to the other!



These details are the stars of the wedding. From the conversation starter on every table to the family tree to the cake topper (seriously, how cute is that?), they thought of everything (including a few shawls that were available to the guests – which is not pictured – just in case the weather got really cold)!


A few words from the mother of the bride:

“Erin & John met about 6 years ago when a mutual friend introduced them to each other while Erin was visiting in Iowa.  The friend was determined that the two of them would be perfect for each other!  After their very brief introduction, neither of them was overly impressed initially, but soon after becoming friends, they began to date – surviving a long-distance relationship for a part of that time – and have been together ever since. John proposed during a weekend trip that he planned for Erin’s birthday to Duluth in the fall of 2010.

Erin has always loved vintage styles – clothing, jewelry, furniture, architecture.  She has been ‘crafty’ her entire life and has become passionate about anything that she can DIY.  Cooking, nutrition, environmental sustainability, and local sourcing for food and goods have become increasingly important to both John and Erin.  When it came time to planning their wedding, they agreed that they would try to incorporate as much of these beliefs as was possible.

The theme of the wedding came about largely because we were trying to do everything as simple, natural, DIY, vintage, and personal as possible.  Before looking for her wedding dress, Erin had already decided she wanted something vintage (preferably from the 50s/60s era, something that would be recycled, something that someone else had loved and could be brought to life again). While shopping at Andrea’s Vintage Bridal, we just happened to discover this dress amongst the hundreds that were in the shop.  Ironically, the dress fit her perfectly and required very little in alterations.  Erin has had a long-standing love of polka dots, and when she decided on this particular dress, the polka-dot theme took on a life of its own – reflected in the groom/groomsmen’s bow ties and suspenders, the ribbons on the bridesmaids dresses, the cake, the papers used in the wall decor – even the little colorful stones used on the tables were referred to as ‘glass polka dots’.

The over all color scheme was chosen because blues and greens are long time favorite colors for both John and Erin – but also because of the blues and greens that organically appear in nature. All of the flowers – from the table arrangements, to the boutonnieres, to the bridal and attendants’ bouquets were hand-crafted from wool felt.  Nearly all of the embroidery was done personally by Erin, or the few close friends that helped come to her rescue as the wedding date came closer!  After the wedding, the flowers were given as given as gifts to wedding attendants, family, and friends, so they will continue to be used as time goes on.”

Venue: Theodore Wirth Chalet

Catering: Prom Catering

Photography: Becca Dilley Photography

DJ: Midwest Sound

Day-of Coordination: Bee The Buzz Event





Beautiful Wedding Backdrops

Go away linen swags and floral arches … hello Oak Tree (with a gorgeous chandelier, of course),  old armoire and reclaimed wood!




Also … bricks, lilies and cranes (keep scrolling down)




$25 Gift Card from Green Bride Guide

Hello lovelies,

In case you have not heard, Bee The Buzz Event has partnered with Green Bride Guide to bring you the most exclusive perks to adorn your stylish and sustainable home after the wedding. With over $1,500 worth of gifts on the registry, you are bound to find something that you love! From an eco-chic wedding album for showing off your wedding pictures to the glimmer martini glasses (and matching plates!) for entertaining to the softest yarn of Andes organic throw for cuddling. Your guests will also be delighted to gift them because they are not only so good-looking but they are also great for the environment. It is a win-win!




This little green pocket guide provides step-by-step guidance to “green-ing” each part of your wedding (of course, Bee The Buzz Event will be by your side to make sure these plans will become reality for you!).  When you make your appointment for the complimentary initial consultation, you will receive a $25 gift card to start your green wedding registry at Green Bride Guide. Every penny that Bee The Buzz Event earns from your registry will be 100% donated to Tree Trust – a non-profit organization that plants trees in the parks and neighborhood throughout Twin Cities area. Hurry and make your appointment today! The gift card is good only until dec 31, 2013!

Are you still here? Call us today to get YOUR own gift card and start living beautifully!

Much love,

What kind of bride are you? A BOHO Bride

By Aysha Perez de Berthiaume

Recent news of a friends engagement got me thinking….what kind of bride would she be.  She is a creative, easy-going, carefree spirit. She is a BOHEMIAN bride.

A bohemian bride does not follow conventional standards. A bohemian wedding is stylish yet relaxed.  Here is how I would put together a bohemian wedding.


To me a bohemian wedding is outside from start to finish, and remember a bohemian bride is unconventional so I’m not going to suggest a ballroom.  Consider renting a summer camp! The sun, the nature, the cabins, are perfect backdrops for a bohemian event. The website will provide you with a list of rentable camps nationwide and you will be surprised on how reasonably priced the rentals are. If renting a camp is not an option for you consider asking family or friends that own a large piece of land and create a ceremony and reception space on the raw land.

When setting up your ceremony space chairs are out. Use benches, fabric covered hay bales or even couches for your guests to sit on. Create an arch with greens or use ribbons to create the focal point at the end of the aisle.



Instead of having unity candle (which usually will not work well for outdoor weddings), have both mothers gather soils from their homes and add the soil to a Unity Tree, which will be planted at your garden.


And before you exchange the rings, do a ring warming ceremony. Read more here.



For the dinner portion of your wedding, serve dinner family style. It is all about togetherness! Mixed matched vintage vases filled with wild flowers are the perfect pairing for the style.




Boho brides are fearless with their fashion so of course don’t hold back on your big day. Wear chunky jewelry and a floral or diamond headband. Wear vintage or new but pick something comfortable and uniquely you.  For the bridal party keep it fun and not too formal. Consider having everyone involved have their own look, but still cohesive.




Grooms and groomsmen: no suits, please. Keep it relaxed with slacks and a button down. Throw on some suspenders and a tie and you are all set.



I  love these invites they are fun and quirky just like my bohemian bride.


Using rocks as escort cards really fits with the woodsy bohemian theme.


Instead of your standard wedding guest book, set up a space for a communal painting. In the end, you will have a funky piece of art that will always remind you of your big day.



I hope all you boho brides out there found a little bit of inspiration for this article and congrats to my inspiration Collin and Tara Lee!


~ Aysha Perez de Berthiaume is a real  Bee The Buzz Event bride.  She now resides with her husband and her little boy in a suburb of Twin Cities ~

What Kind of Bride Are You? Lake-Lover Bride

Let’s face it. We live in Minnesota, a land of 10,000 lakes. Actually more like 11,842 lakes, according to Wikipedia. So, we do have a LOT of lakes to take a stroll on a few gorgeous summer days. Perhaps the love that you have for a Minnesota lake is to bike around it. Or maybe it is where you jog every morning. Or you just love sitting on the bench by a lake just to exhale. Or maybe .. just maybe, it is where the love of your life had proposed. There might have been 10,000 reasons that you love Minnesota lakes! So, why not use that as a design idea for your wedding? Even if you were not the lake-walking, jog-around, bike-riding kind of gal, but you would love to incorporate Minnesota lakes into your wedding, I hope you will find some inspirations today.

The first thing that I thought we could start is to take a look at the colors around the lake.  The picture below is taken from Lake Harriet – where you can see the Bandshell from a far – with a few sailboats on the lake.

I know you might be thinking what are the colors around the lake? There are usual nature colors: green from the trees, brown from the land, and blue from the water. When choosing wedding colors, I highly recommend choosing one dominant color and one accent color. That’s all! Keep in mind that the color of white and ivory are considered the non-colors here, because after all weddings are mostly about shades of white. Read my other writing about Picking The Perfect Pallete here.  So, which color should you choose? You can pick the usual light green with brown – yeah, that would work. What about the Navy blue? Sure. When use appropriately, it can be very pretty.  But what if we can play more with the combination of those colors? Oh, not turquoise please. That is so 2010. Not Aqua either, it can be easily mistaken for light blue. My favorite is “Light Sea Green” – which I think one of the perfect blend of blue and green (RBG: 32, 178, 170).  How pretty is this?


Now, let’s begin the color fest, shall we?

Dressing your best friends to the best look possible is crucial. I personally favor the short dresses, just because they can easily wear it again for future special occasions. However, if the long dresses is your thing, by all means, please go for it! But, what if the middle ground is the best choice? Here is a bridesmaid dress by Alfred Angelo – Color: Lagoon. This dress is short in the front with a little train in the back = P.R.E.T.T.Y.

For the groomsmen: has a matching Light Sea Green tie for the gentlemen in your wedding party.  Imagine this with a tan-colored suit. You are going to have one very handsome group of men.

Now for the trendy, modern gal like yourself. Would you settle for anything ordinary? No. no. no. Let’s go Chevron for the invitation (the picture below was made for a business card, but we are looking for an inspiration only here!)


For the romantic crowd, here is an option for you:


Moving on to reception decor and floral options. Keep the tablecloth in neutral color, such as ivory or tan with Light Sea Green runner (runner in the picture below is in sage). Flowers should be kept low and carry the neutral colors of ivory and light greens.


Or use the Light Sea Green as the base color for the tablecloth and keep the rest in nature-driven colors (tablecloth in picture below is in sea foam – but you get idea, right?). Adding a touch of sea green colors with colored votive candle holders would be a great accents as well.


Here is a cute idea to incorporate sailboats into your decor (I would ditch the star fish, though. This is NOT a Sea-lover theme wedding).


Now for the foodies … what a better way to tie in your Minnesota Lake-Lover theme into creating one of a kind wedding meal. I always think that meals should be the center of every celebration. People will remember if the food was horrible even if the decor was awesome.  May I recommend a menu for you? If  you are into fish, that is a great start. Fish that are caught in Minnesota lakes are trout, bass and walleye. There many catering companies or restaurants that can help you create a meal that everyone loves. Not too sure if everyone will like Fish? Try organic chicken or vegetarian dish for your vegan friends. The important thing is to know where your food comes from.

{Common Roots Cafe – Striped Bass}

And more Minnesota ties, do you know that we (Bee The Buzz Event) accept custom requests for Minnesota Map Tote? It is a cute gift for your bridesmaids or for out-of-town bags!


If you really like these ideas and are planning to incorporate them into your wedding and would like to be featured on our blog, send your wedding pictures to us: We would love to feature your beautiful wedding!

With much love,


Ring Warming Ceremony


Photo credit: Wendy Woods Photography

While these Ring Warming Ceremonies are best to be done at outdoor weddings, the event itself will definitely leave a lasting impression upon you and your guests. All you need is a long string of ribbon that weave around each row of seats. Have someone to release the rings at one end and each guest will touch (or “warm up) your rings and say a blessing/a prayer/a quote (in silence or out loud – it’s up to them!). Then the rings will be passed on the next guests until it reaches the end of the string.  At the end of the string, a parent will give those rings to you right before you say your vows to each other. Don’t forget to have your videographer to record this! You will love it for years to come.

What do you do to make your ceremony unique?

Can a “green” wedding be done in Minnesota?

The answer to that is: ABSOLUTELY! If you have set your heart on having a wedding that leaves the least amount of footprints on this earth, we have a solution for you. Our passion in coordinating and producing in a green wedding is to utilize all elements of the wedding to be either reusable, recyclable or even edible! Minnesotans are starting to catch up on “greening” their wedding planning and we could not be happier! Check out our blog at Maple Grove Patch recently:

One absolute misconception of a “green” wedding is that it will look cheap and old. I am here to tell you that it is not the case at all!  Yes, it will take extra energy to plan for what the excess “stuff” or “waste” are going post-reception, but I guarantee you it will all be worth it.

Here are a few options for donating post-reception “miscellaneous” items:

1. Senior Centers

There are many senior centers in the Twin Cities area. Since I live in Maple Grove, there is Rose Arbor and Wildflower Lodge which has served the communities for a long time.

2. Children’s Hospitals

With choices of Children of MN Hospitals, Gillete Children Hospital, U of M Children Hospital, you have plenty of options to spread a little bit of love and imagine the smiles on their faces.

3. Churches

Ask your own church if you could donate the flowers from your wedding to decorate their chapel. Most likely than not, they will be very happy to receive gorgeous arrangements that will light up the room for at least one more week!