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“Green” Holiday Decor

“Green” Holiday Decor

Oh, the holidays … it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Perhaps it is so wonderful that sometimes we lose sight of what the holidays supposed to be. Yes, we all have been there and done that. The thanksgiving dinner (which I am so glad I am going to someone’s house this year) , the shopping frenzy (did you notice that a lot of stores are offering deals WAY before Black Friday?), and all the decorations for the holidays. I love all that, but this year, I want to do something different. Something earth-friendly and easy to do. So, here are my ideas for a really cool, eco-friendly Holiday decor.

1. To Tree or Not to Tree


My husband has had his plastic Christmas tree for … ever. I believe he bought it even before we were married (which will be 10 years in 2013). So,  in order to stay “green”, I reluctantly have to go with that same ol’ tree.  However, if I could persuade him enough to go with a real one this year, first I had to make sure that I purchased the tree from a environmentally responsible farm and made sure a disposal plan was in order. Check out the Minnesota Christmas Tree Association and read more the article about the debate of real vs. artificial trees. Also, there are a few guidelines for tree disposal and every county in Minnesota has different rules.  For Hennepin County, click here. For Anoka County, click here. For Washington County, click here. For Ramsey County, click here. Or I may get inspired and do my own thing this year, like the chopped up pine logs in the picture. I wonder what my husband’s reaction will be … but I am pretty sure the kids will love doing this as a project!

2. Eco-friendly Christmas Tree Ornament

I created this heart-shaped ornament for my daughter’s birthday at school. It was actually an idea for a “Will you marry me?” proposal but it can also be an eco-friendly choice for your tree. Click here for instructions on how to make one.  One of my favorite clients’ wedding came to mind. They made all elements of the wedding based on do-it-yourself projects. From the flower bouquets to the bunting banner to the cake topper! I hope they would re-use some of those for decorating their new house this Holiday.

3. Alternative Christmas Strings/Lights

The kids and I are in the process of stringing these paper strips into a garland. I found this for only $10 at Creative Kid Stuff. This is a perfect project my crafty daughter and a good fine-motor skill exercise for my 4 year-old. Yes, he ripped a few strips, but that is what exercises are for. I even have an idea on what to do with these for next year (I’ll share later). If you are going down this road like us this year, I found this cute article about making your own string of lights (from paper to cupcake liners to lace) at the convenient of your own home. However, if you are going on the traditional Christmas lights, make sure you use LEDs (I’m sure you heard it a thousand times, but here I say it LED, LED, LED). As you may already know, LEDs not only last longer but they are 90 percent more energy-efficient than the traditional Christmas lights. They are available everywhere. Check the home improvement stores near you.

4. Check your list twice, keep your planet first


This year I pledge myself to keep the decor earth-friendly by doing due dilligence on how the items were acquired (Fair Trade) and re-using what I have in the basement. I will “upgrade” by scouring second-hand shops and practicing the 3 Rs (re-use, reduce, recycle) more closely to the heart.

I believe that together we can make this world a better place.



Teal and Yellow Elephant Baby Shower

I love babies … but I adore the moms more! I think moms deserved to be pampered once in a while so she could relax and ready for the baby’s arrival!

Here is my friend Ely. Isn’t she adorable?

First of all, I have to say that all of the stationaries you see here are from Bump Smitten and you can download them all here. Ely is a friend of mine and this event was not a compensated in any way so I wanted to give the credit where it was due.

Here are the elements what we did for the table:

1. Elephant Cake from Byerly’s

2. Lemon Bars (homemade by a friend)

3. Mac n Cheese (homemade by me)

4. Gold & Yellow M&Ms

5. Yellow Gummy Bears

6. Golden Oreo Cookies (yes, they just launched that version)

7. Parmesan Gold Fish

8. Cut-up string cheese (the swirly kind)

9. Yellow cellophane goodie bags were filled with puff corn

10. A wish Tree & cards from Bump Smitten

11.  Lemonade

12. Elephant cap from Jo-Ann Fabric

1st Birthday Party

What a great party for a beautiful baby boy!

Ilsa & Matt – A Beautiful Barn Wedding

When I picked up the phone one day and spoke with Ilsa’s mom, Ingrid, who called from Hawaii, I knew a great wedding was in the works.  I met with Ilsa & Matt at the Bruentrup Farm, where the wedding would be held, a few days later and my heart just melted. The wedding day turned out b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. (I had to spell it out because it was THAT beautiful). The weather was perfect (Upper 70s, a little breeze, and plenty of sunshine). They could not have planned a better day for an Outdoor Barn Wedding! They hired me and my team to be the Day-of Coordinators, so in no way I am taking credit for all the pretty visuals that you see here. It was all planned by the couple. We were happy to assist. Here is their happy testimonial:

Bea was fantastic and Matt and I have said many times how thankful we are that we hired her for the Day of Coordination for our wedding. From our first meeting with Bea we felt comfortable and relieved that she would help make our wedding go smoothly. She brought up so many great ideas and kept us on track leading up to the wedding so that on the day of the event we were able to relax and just enjoy everything. The whole day ended up being more amazing than we ever thought it could be. Thank you Bea, we’re so grateful for all of your help and guidance. ”

See … how gorgeous was this place? My iPhone did a great job capturing this picture!

BruenTrup Farm – photo by Eric Kirkewoog

photo by Eric Kirkewoog

photo by Eric Kirkewoog

Photo by Dave Weber

Photo by Dave Weber

Here is Ilsa’s sister & Matt’s brother holding the famous eggs. The wedding rings were hidden inside these eggs! There is a whole lot of egg story behind Ilsa & Matt’s engagement. Photo by Nicola Losik

Fun games at the wedding! Photo by Nicola Losik

Picture time! Photo by Nicola Losik

Photo by Nicola Losik

Barn Party – photo by Elissa Dunn

First Dance – Photo by Elissa Dunn

The  Eelpout Stringers – Photo by Nicola Losik

Barn at night – Photo by Nicola Losik

Congratulations Ilsa & Matt! Photo by Nicola Losik

Venue: Bruentrup Farm

Flowers: Trader Joe’s

Decor: Bride

Catering: Chowgirls/Prom Catering

Entertainment: The Eelpout Stringers

Photographer: Nicola Losik/Dave Weber/Eric Kirkewoog

Day-of Coordinator: Bee The Buzz Event


Thanksgiving-Style Wedding

Have you thought of a wedding with the idea of thanksgiving celebration? Think of the bountiful feast and colors that always accompany the celebration. If you have a lot of out-of-town guests, may as well do a big Thanksgiving celebration with them!  Perhaps not on the day of Thanksgiving, but the following Friday or Saturday would be perfect. I would suggest proposing this plan to your guests one year in advance so they have plenty of time to plan their travel. The biggest perk for you is that most venues and vendors would be available for the weekend and just might be willing to extend a few deals for you.

Let’s Talk Fashion

Having a great looking entourage is very important. Color-coordinate them in honey and wheat. Do not be afraid to mix and match! Halter-neck gown (No. 2748) in Venetian gold, Vivian Diamond for Dessy Collection, Dress (No. 373) in copper/creme, Bari Jay, Top and skirt, Sarah Seven, sarahseven .com. “Diane” wedding gown, and necklace, Vera Wang, “Harper” heels, J.Crew, Dress, Vincente Villarin, to order.


Go Wild (not that wild)

I meant go with wild flowers with amber bottles. Such prettiness that your heart will burst! Pretty things are always the trend for weddings, so go all the way. This is one of the most important day of life  so make the best out of it. Use lots of shades of muted-gold & ivory to keep it elegant yet warm and natural.




Try Something New

Instead of sending a Thank You card after the wedding, create a “Grateful for You” card at each place setting. It made the wedding so much sentimental and the guests who are coming to your wedding will feel so much appreciation for their presence since they may have to sacrifice a celebration with their own families.


With a grateful heart,

$25 Gift Card from Green Bride Guide

Hello lovelies,

In case you have not heard, Bee The Buzz Event has partnered with Green Bride Guide to bring you the most exclusive perks to adorn your stylish and sustainable home after the wedding. With over $1,500 worth of gifts on the registry, you are bound to find something that you love! From an eco-chic wedding album for showing off your wedding pictures to the glimmer martini glasses (and matching plates!) for entertaining to the softest yarn of Andes organic throw for cuddling. Your guests will also be delighted to gift them because they are not only so good-looking but they are also great for the environment. It is a win-win!




This little green pocket guide provides step-by-step guidance to “green-ing” each part of your wedding (of course, Bee The Buzz Event will be by your side to make sure these plans will become reality for you!).  When you make your appointment for the complimentary initial consultation, you will receive a $25 gift card to start your green wedding registry at Green Bride Guide. Every penny that Bee The Buzz Event earns from your registry will be 100% donated to Tree Trust – a non-profit organization that plants trees in the parks and neighborhood throughout Twin Cities area. Hurry and make your appointment today! The gift card is good only until dec 31, 2013!

Are you still here? Call us today to get YOUR own gift card and start living beautifully!

Much love,

What kind of Bride are you? I want to know Men’s Fashion

By Aysha Perez de Berthiaume

With all this “what kind of bride are you” talk I started to think what about the men …. I mean, aren’t there usually two people involved in this holy union? Ok. Let’s face it. The theme/inspiration – whatever you want to call it – will be decided by the bride. So what does a groom claim as his? Let’s start with the outfit. In my humble opinion as the groom he should be able to wear what he wants, and he should be able to pick out what the groomsmen will wear. Let’s be fair ladies, do we ask for his opinion when picking out our dresses or our bridesmaids dresses? Some of us did. But the majority of us .. perhaps not.

Guys, you need to show your personality through your outfit choice. You don’t have to stick with the standard rented black suit or tux with the colored vest and tie. Consider this: purchasing a new suit!  This is also a great option for your groomsmen. Instead of wasting 200 bucks or so in a rental, invest that in a suit you will keep and wear for years. You don’t have to break the bank either. Here are some places that carry reasonably priced good-looking suits:

Men’s Warehouse


JC Penney

When purchasing your suit, step outside the box and by that, I mean with color or fabric. Khaki, grey and navy are unexpected color choices for suits that can make a huge impact. Seersucker, linen, and velvet are fun and unique fabric choices. The underpinning can be just as unique as your suit. Think stripes or even plaid. Picking a shirt can be trickier then you think. There is a great article from GQ that breaks down the art of picking a dress shirt. Read more here

Now another option is to scrap the whole suit idea completely. How about just having your groomsmen wear a great pair of slacks, nice shirt and tie or bow tie in the color-coordinated but mis-matched fashion? {via}

Regardless which direction you choose: casual or formal, the key to looking sleek on your big day is fit. A tailor is your new best friend. A well-tailored suit and shirt can transform a man into a lean mean wedding machine.

This one sounds like a no brainer but you would be surprised on how often brides do the shopping for the groomsmen gifts. Bottom line men select your own groomsmen gifts.  Yes, flasks and monogrammed beer mugs are nice, but really they are not unique, personal or practical. A great practical gift is a wallet; insert a note in the wallet thanking them for being part of your big day. Gift your men ties to wear on your big day. The tie can then be worn again and again. Purchase each groomsman tickets to a sporting event, festival or host a camping trip. That way you have an excuse to all get together again after the wedding.


Special message for the Groom: The best way to put your stamp on your wedding day is to voice your opinion. When asked “what do you think?” answer the question with your opinion; don’t just say “whatever you think is best”. Be present in the planning process and care about the little details.


~ Aysha Perez de Berthiaume is a real  Bee The Buzz Event bride.  She now resides with her husband and her little boy in a suburb of Twin Cities ~