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A Valentine’s Day Project Turned Proposal Idea

Today was just another cold day in winter wonderland, so I decided to make a valentine’s day project for my daughter’s Kindergarten class.

Here are the items that we used:
Fuzzy Sticks
A box of Cheerios
Red Ribbons
Flags made of a regular printing paper with “Happy Valentine’s Day” printed (I made this with Microsoft Word)

It is super easy to make that my 5 year-old daughter could make a better shape of heart than I did!

First we string the cheerios on to the fuzzy stick:

Then we shape the stick into a heart shape:

Print a few flags with Happy Valentine’s Day printed and punch hole the ends:

Here is the finished product:

But then a lightbulb went on! This can be a great proposal idea. Guys, you don’t need a fuzzy stick if you don’t have one around. You can use any bendable wire, string the cheerios on it, tie a red ribbon, write “Will You Marry Me?” on a piece of paper, and voila! There is your proposal! Don’t forget the ring, of course!

So, after she said yes and you give her the ring, she can eat the cheerios or she can keep that as a Christmas ornament and as a momento of your proposal. The best part is this does not cost you anything! Just use what you have around the house. I bet this will be one cherished cheerios that will last a lifetime!


Hello world!

Hey there friends!

Welcome to my blog! I am just ecstatic about writing my journey of building this new adventure. I am grateful for family and friends who are there to support me and to lift me up when I need encouragements. Lots of hard work in the future and I am going to take it one step at a time.

I finally found my niche yesterday! I am going to combine my passion of “green” living with my keen detail and artistic sense of event planning. In the current economic times, we found ourselves into D-I-Y stuff (which I love!) and I always think that by doing it yourself, you can control the materials that you use – which I strongly believe in using elements that are good for the environment.

I have to admit that my biggest satisfaction always comes when I see a client started drawing on a piece of paper about how she wanted to see it done (I love it when the creative juices are flowing!) and my role was to enhance and gave a boost to that vision! The result is rewarding not only to the client but also to myself.

Stay tuned!