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Jeanne Beatrice – Handmade Market Basket

I have to admit anything with the name “Beatrice” will grab my attention. First, I was attracted by the name, given that we have the same name but also because it’s a not-so-common name these days. In the movies, the “Beatrice” character was usually portrayed as a nerd, geek looking girl. Not so fab! So, I was ever glad when Prince Andrew, the Duke of York and Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson named their daughter Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary, which made me feel like the name is worth for royalty. Well, I think it’s meaning is much better, beatrice means she brings joy!
Aside from the name, I found Laura Benson, owner of Jeanne Beatrice, lives in Minnesota and is committed to changing the public’s habit from using plastic bags when going shopping to using handmade market baskets for the sake of the environment. Her baskets are imported from French and are called Morrocan baskets for their durability and natural beauty. These bags have been featured in People Style Watch Magazine,, In-Style Magazine and Coastal Living Magazine.
Aren’t these perfect for your bridesmaid’s gift? or as a welcome package for your out-of-town guests? or even better, try giving this to your future mother-in-law, I bet she’ll love you for it!

These are my absolute favorites:

La Mer – Medium $59

La Vie – Medium $54

La Vie – Orange $44

La Vie Terveer – Small $39


Have you said “I love you” today?

Yes, I purposely timed this to not be on Valentine’s day or any day that has any thing to do with love. Today is Friday – an ordinary day. But today is the perfect day to say “I love you” to your special someone. Why?

Because in the midst of all the planning and stressing over which linens go with which silverwares, there is another person who is craving for your attention. And that person is the one whom you eventually share your toothpaste with (only if you want to) and perhaps a little bit of that piece of chicken that you’ve been salivating over the last week (again, only if you’re the sharing kind).

So, go over to your fiance/spouse/partner-in-crime (ha!) and say “I love you”. Right now. Whether you want to say it out loud (while reading this blog), or send out a text message, or write it on that foggy bathroom mirror, that’s completely up to you. In times when they don’t expect it, these three little words matter most.

In the 7 years that I have been married to my husband. We always make the time to say “I love you” even when only the slightest opportunity arises. It helps to make our marriage stronger and our children – guess what – happier. Isn’t love grand? It fills everyone surrounds it with joy! And it also builds trust which is the essence of a good marriage. I am no marriage counselor, but I can share that a marriage without trust is like sitting on the passanger seat in car where you may have a hidden built-in injector seat that can pop you out of the roof when you want to get out.

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in spending the rest of your life with someone you love. I don’t believe that people can fall “out of love” – unless there is something as extreme as domestic violence. I believe every marriage is worth saving for.

And as far as my clients, I want their marriages to last longer than the wedding preparations. I always take it personally when a client hires me for my services. I not only focus on their wedding, but I want them to think further into the marriage. Their long-lasting happiness is what I wish for them well after the wedding. I care for them not only during the stage leading up to the wedding, but far beyond into the future.

I wish them (and you) a fabulous wedding and a “love-me-forever” marriage.

Cheers! – adopted from my current clients whom I just adore!