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Celebrating the Bees and their Buzz on Earth Month


By Stephanie Taylor

Determined to stand out and stand up for a cause, Beatrice Mulawarman set out to pick a unique name when starting her wedding planning agency.  Bee the Buzz Event is the first and only green wedding planning agency in Minnesota.

Mulawarman’s goal is to help couples start their new life with an awareness of the world they live in.  Bee the Buzz Event aims to create beautiful, sustainable events that positively impact the environment. Like bees, known for the ability to help their “sister” bees find food through social interaction, Bee the Buzz Event strives to help its “sisters” plan the greatest day of their lives with a sustainable twist.

“We would like to make a difference in not only a great celebration of a new beginning but also in the world where the couple will live in,” she says.

Bee the Buzz Event combines rental and re-usable items with the elegance and regality of wedding planning. The company minimizes paper use by utilizing as much technology as possible and donates a portion of its proceeds to plant trees around Minnesota. It also offers a donation program to senior centers or non-profit organizations.

Bee the Buzz Event kicks off every April, which is Earth Month, with a booking incentive for a very lucky few. The month started off as “Global Clean-up Month” in 1968 and became Earth Month officially in 1970, is dedicated to environmental service and awareness. Issues such as the dying honeybee population, pollution and climate change are at the forefront of discussion across the nation.

Bee the Buzz Event seeks to assist in mitigating these problems and to support the preservation of the environment through its one-of-a-kind, sustainable weddings.  Mulawarman and her team will continue to spread the buzz about environment conservation efforts, making a difference one wedding at a time.

“Bees do a little dance at the end (of their search for food) to point out that food is nearby,” Mulawarman says. “We also do a little quiet dance ourselves when seeing our “sister” is having the greatest time of her life.”

The tradition has always been to have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Bee the Buzz Event suggests adding something green to that list too. Be sure to check back on the blog for tips on how to make your big day a sustainable event!



Bee (Bea) Love

By Aysha Perez de Berthiaume

Hello everyone! My name is Aysha and I’m the new resident blogger for Bee the Buzz Event.  I love reading about weddings, talking about weddings and writing about weddings. Some people consider themselves foodies, winos, sports enthusiasts, well I consider myself a wedding aficionado. Weddings are something I am truly passionate about and I’m excited about the opportunity sharing my point of view with all of you.

For my first post I want to share with you my experience with Bee the Buzz Event. Almost three years ago my now-husband proposed and I had the daunting task of planning a wedding 280 miles away from where it was being held. Initially I thought I was going to be able to do it all on my own but quickly determined I was dead wrong. I figured I would do a quick Google search and find a few options to mull over. The next thing I knew I was sucked into a wedding planner black hole if it wasn’t for my darling husband I would probably still be looking at planners to this day! My husband took over and scheduled appointments with three different planners and hoped for the best.  The first two planners reminded me of Franck from the movie Father of the Bride. Although Father of the Bride is my favorite movie and Franck is a hilarious character we did not want a planner to hijack our big day.  We were a bit deflated and truly did not have high hopes going in to our meeting with Bea.  Bea blew our socks off. Right away I could tell she is kind and trustworthy, which were qualities important to us in choosing a planner.  Also, in that first meeting she did something that the other planners did not do, listen.  Bea listened then presented ideas that complimented what we already envisioned. Once we were officially working together, Bea hit the ground running.  We quickly ticked the boxes off of her checklist, but most importantly she helped us not get lost in a sea of possibilities. Bea helped us pinpoint what our vision was and brought it to fruition.

Bea truly exceeded all our expectations. Her expertise and vendor relationships are key to making the wedding planning process fun and as stress free as possible.

Next week…..I will discuss the right way to do NEON.


~ Aysha Perez de Berthiaume is a real  Bee The Buzz Event bride.  She now resides with her husband and her little boy in a suburb of Twin Cities ~

5 Tips for A Great Wedding Day

I always remember my wedding day as one of the most happiest days in my life. I remember it to this day that my face hurts from grinning ear-to-ear just soaking in all the happiness that are just for me that day. It didn’t matter that the entrance song was not played until I was walking halfway down the pathway (my wedding was at a garden and they did not really have an “aisle”) and that there were cows mooing across the pond – which I did not even realize until someone told me about it (yes, there was a farm right next door). All I remember was I was marrying a great guy whom I respect and love dearly. Yes, it has been eight years since we married and I still remember it as if it was yesterday. It was a wonderful day – although I wish my family was there – full of love and support from friends and family. I was grateful that it was a hot September morning and it did not rain.  I was grateful that my dress fit, my shoes were my mother’s and the garden was beautiful as expected. All in all, I was grateful it was the day I GOT MARRIED!

So, here are five little tips that I would love to share with all of you, brides-to-be, so that you too can enjoy your day as much I did.

1. Surround yourself with only a few loved ones who understand you for who you are and are supportive of your marriage.
Unfortunately there are people out there who may not realize that they could be the culprit of ruining the best day of your life. I would suggest to either stay away from them or have a couple of family members to accompany them and to keep them busy. I personally did not like to make a scene, so I would still wear my biggest smile and treat them with respect but I would not allow them to steal the happiness of my day.

2. Leave all your planning behind.
I had a few trusted friends whom I knew they would do the job well. Back then, I did not know there was such as a thing as a “Day-of” coordinator. If I knew there were one, I would certainly hire one in a heart beat! I just found it was relaxing to go with the flow of the day and not worrying so much that I would forget to enjoy that day! The morning of my wedding day, I left all my planning behind – confident that all would end well. I had people who cared for me and who were more than capable to get things done – whichever ways they preferred.

3. Soak it all in – all day long.
Sheryl Crow in her song “Soak up The Sun” said it best: “It’s not having what you want. It’s wanting what you’ve got. I’m gonna soak up the sun … ” Should I say more? When my wedding day arrived, I knew that was it. I was going to soak it all in, because the next day there was no more. I have only gotten one day and that one day I am going to cherish for the rest of my life.

4. Give Thanks.
It is liberating to participate in the act of giving thanks on your wedding day. You can say thanks to your parents for raising you to be who you are right now. You can say thanks to your husband-to-be for loving you just the way you are. Saying a verbal “Thank You” was immensely freeing to me. It is a way of expressing gratitude for that day – the day that I was married and was about to spend the rest of my life with the man who love me for who I am. People may think that it is odd to be “giving” on the wedding day, while it is supposed to be “getting” everything that you always want because you only have that one day. But truly, despite everything that a bride will get that day, wouldn’t it be great to “give” something back to the people that help you “get” to that very special day. Our “thank you” was a pair of chopsticks. We chose chopsticks for a symbol of our tradition and also of what the pair represents. Chopsticks can not be used singly. It has to be paired. It also has to be in the same shape, length and volume. These elements signify our union as two single individuals who are now one unit, which cannot be effective by itself or going alone but need to be in the same level at all times to work wonderfully. My husband and I both designed the wording and the background of the favors.

5. Take a moment alone with your new husband.
My husband and I took a ride in our car together after the ceremony and small reception to our house. Just the two of us. Our car was decorated with lots of crazy newlyweds things (streamers, bells, “just married” sign – my poor Audi) that almost every car that we passed by was honking on us. It was such a great feeling to receive that kind of reception from strangers! It was one great ride – just for the two of us.

Bee The Buzz Event is Full-service Planning & Design company. From full planning to day-of coordination, we can help you with anything you need for your wedding day. Check out our website at and contact us for a complimentary consultation!