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Lila Couture

My friend Lisa and I was at Posh Bridal Shop in Semple Mansion a few weekends ago and despite the cold weather outside, we had a BLAST! We laughed, took pictures and guess what … we met the designer herself! I think Lisa and I were both a bit starstrucked when we met Amanda (Lila Couture’s designer) as we had never met a gown designer in person. Amanda was so down to earth and it was really fun to meet with her.

(from left to right: me (who obviously needed a hair cut), Lisa and Lila, the designer)

And yes, what you see is what you get. Posh will also open a bottle of champagne to celebrate your wedding gown purchase! How lovely!


Tips on Choosing A Bridal Shop

Most brides’s number one priority is THE DRESS. Yes, of course. That’s a no brainer. But what if after you have spent hours searching online and scouring bridal magazine to select a few gowns that you liked, only to find out that you had no idea on how to choose a bridal shop that not only carries the designer that you like but is also able to deliver the best customer service that you expect?

There are a few things that brides-to-be need to know when selecting a bridal shop:

1. Customer Service
The consultants at the shop must be knowledgable about the style and fit on your body type. No bride is created equal. Each consultant must take their time to identify your needs as well as your wants and should be able to present options that you can choose from. My latest experience with my bride lately that she fell in love with a gown that she saw on a magazine. The bridal shop had the gown flown in from New York (see their name on my #1 recommendation below) only to find that it did not fit as well as it looks on the magazine. The shop’s owner proceeded with other gowns that would fit the likings of my bride and with additional embelishments, she got exactly what she wanted! This level of customer service is hardly found in many of the shop around Twin Cities anymore. With confidence, I highly recommend this store to brides who are looking for a special treatment in their journey to find their dress.

2. Alteration
Once the dress is ordered, it is the alteration time. The dress must fit you like a glove, so good alteration must be a match-made on earth. The timing of the alteration is also crucial. You must ask in advance how long would it take for the shop to alter your dress. Or whether you must bring the dress to another independent alteration shop. A good bridal shop must have their own seamstress who can do just about any kinds of hems imaginable. Final fitting should be around 4 weeks before your wedding date.

3. Reputation
Never thought that a reputation of a company can play a significant role in choosing a bridal shop? Think again. Your wedding planner/coordinator can help you in recommending a shop that is solid in business and management. You don’t want to be trapped in finding THE dress and then found out that the shop had closed. This certainly must be a nightmare that you never want to experience. So, yes. A shop with a good reputation will help you make your journey in planning a wedding as sweet or as sour as you want it to be.

So, here are a couple of bridal shops that I PERSONALLY have experienced and would recommend them to you. I try to stay away from the big national chain shops, because I just love small businesses and supporting each other in the industry is my way to support the local economy.

Sara is the woman to meet. She is very fun and will never pressure you to buy the gown from her. She is very down to earth and very easy to talk to. I highly recommend The LOFT Bridal.

2. POSH Bridal Couture
What I love about POSH is they carry many eco-friendly bridal gowns that are sophisticated and yes, couture! Their location at the Semple Mansion is also strategic for many brides.

So before you find your dress, make sure you have the right shop to buy it from!

Happy Dress Shopping!