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What kind of Bride are you? I want to know Men’s Fashion

By Aysha Perez de Berthiaume

With all this “what kind of bride are you” talk I started to think what about the men …. I mean, aren’t there usually two people involved in this holy union? Ok. Let’s face it. The theme/inspiration – whatever you want to call it – will be decided by the bride. So what does a groom claim as his? Let’s start with the outfit. In my humble opinion as the groom he should be able to wear what he wants, and he should be able to pick out what the groomsmen will wear. Let’s be fair ladies, do we ask for his opinion when picking out our dresses or our bridesmaids dresses? Some of us did. But the majority of us .. perhaps not.

Guys, you need to show your personality through your outfit choice. You don’t have to stick with the standard rented black suit or tux with the colored vest and tie. Consider this: purchasing a new suit!  This is also a great option for your groomsmen. Instead of wasting 200 bucks or so in a rental, invest that in a suit you will keep and wear for years. You don’t have to break the bank either. Here are some places that carry reasonably priced good-looking suits:

Men’s Warehouse


JC Penney

When purchasing your suit, step outside the box and by that, I mean with color or fabric. Khaki, grey and navy are unexpected color choices for suits that can make a huge impact. Seersucker, linen, and velvet are fun and unique fabric choices. The underpinning can be just as unique as your suit. Think stripes or even plaid. Picking a shirt can be trickier then you think. There is a great article from GQ that breaks down the art of picking a dress shirt. Read more here

Now another option is to scrap the whole suit idea completely. How about just having your groomsmen wear a great pair of slacks, nice shirt and tie or bow tie in the color-coordinated but mis-matched fashion? {via}

Regardless which direction you choose: casual or formal, the key to looking sleek on your big day is fit. A tailor is your new best friend. A well-tailored suit and shirt can transform a man into a lean mean wedding machine.

This one sounds like a no brainer but you would be surprised on how often brides do the shopping for the groomsmen gifts. Bottom line men select your own groomsmen gifts.  Yes, flasks and monogrammed beer mugs are nice, but really they are not unique, personal or practical. A great practical gift is a wallet; insert a note in the wallet thanking them for being part of your big day. Gift your men ties to wear on your big day. The tie can then be worn again and again. Purchase each groomsman tickets to a sporting event, festival or host a camping trip. That way you have an excuse to all get together again after the wedding.


Special message for the Groom: The best way to put your stamp on your wedding day is to voice your opinion. When asked “what do you think?” answer the question with your opinion; don’t just say “whatever you think is best”. Be present in the planning process and care about the little details.


~ Aysha Perez de Berthiaume is a real  Bee The Buzz Event bride.  She now resides with her husband and her little boy in a suburb of Twin Cities ~


Sherri and Ron – A Rustic Garden Affair

The wedding of Sherri and Ron took place at The Outing Lodge in Stillwater, MN – where the venue is picture perfect for a rustic garden affair. The rain was playing tricks on us on the wedding day but we were so lucky that it stopped literally one hour before the ceremony started and held off during the outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour. The wedding was full of beauty and grace as brilliantly captured by Poser Design.  To see more pictures from the wedding, visit Poser Design blog.  Bee The Buzz Event congratulates Sherri & Ron as newlyweds and so very happy for  this new chapter in their lives. They are not only a client to us. They have become good friends whose friendship we will always treasure. Congratulations Sherri &Ron!

Sherri’s pretty wedding hair


There is always hard work behind every detail. I ironed all those runners til 2am!

Sherri wanted something simple & useful as favors. I agree awesome music is something to please everyone!

Sherri & Ron – DIY

A beautiful bouquet from City Gardens Flower Mill

The Photographer, Poser Design, created all the table numbers using Sherri & Ron’s engagement pictures

Can you believe this program is from

Thumbprint tree – so cute, so practical, so memorable …


Venue: The Outing Lodge

Photographer: Poser Design

Flowers: City Gardens Flower Mill

Stationery/Table Number: Zazzle/Poser Design

Favors & Placecards: Bride

Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Bee The Buzz Event

Altreisha + Oladi = Fuchsia Fantasy Wedding

Altreisha + Oladi = Fuchsia Fantasy Wedding

I had the honor of planning the wedding of Altreisha & Oladi for 16 months. She lived in Washington DC at the time and I could not be more impressed with her impeccable timing and quick responses. She always responded within 5 minutes of my email or text. She was a dream for planners to work with! Right off the bat, she knew what she wanted for her wedding and she stuck by it. She also had an eye for style and thought every single detail throughout the wedding to make sure things are working well together. She wanted the wedding theme to be called Fuchsia Fantasy.  And what a fantasy it truly was! The color fuchsia was chosen not only for its bold and attractive nature but also to represent Altreisha’s mom 10-year surviving breast cancer. Altreisha and I thought every single detail and it was executed to the Nth degree. From the linens, the chargers (black diamond – oh, so fancy!), the centerpieces (created by Luna Vinca – they rocked!), favors (both kids and adults), meal assignment cards (which I handmade all those 180 cards), 6 sets of fuchsia sandals that Altreisha gave as a gift to each bridesmaid – which I thought the bridesmaids were very grateful of, the basket of essentials in the bathroom (oh yeah, we thought of those too), the seating arrangement board and the custom-made table names based on the names of countries in Africa and The Caribbean  (custom-made by Pen and Ink), the signature drink which was specially requested and delivered as “Fuchsia Fantasy Drink” and last but not least to the very ribbons used to decorate the cake  knife and serving set. The Altreisha & Oladi’s wedding was Bee The Buzz Event’s 2011 Wedding of The Year!

Altreisha Testimonial:

We are an ambitious couple from Washington DC, ambitious enough to decide to plan our June 11 wedding in the Mid-west, Minneapolis to be more specific. What were we thinking? We often wondered, but those turned out to be our absolutely best thoughts ever. We scoured internet sites wedding planners, interviewed a few and then  we stumbled upon our amazing wedding planner: Bea of Bee The Buzz Event. Bea is the head planner for this company and she does an awesome job coordinating events. They are organized and very affordable. We felt comfortable trusting her team with planning the biggest event of our life, our wedding day. She is supported by an awesome cast of vendors who appreciates her work ethics and holds her  in high regards, this was evident in the quality time and product they presented to us.  They made our day titled “Fuchsia Fantasy”  a major success. Bea, our guests thoroughly enjoyed your creative insight, your calming persona and the importance you placed on making our day as seamless and as successful as we planned it. We appreciate your attention to detail, your timely responses to our emails and there were many, regardless of the time of day it was. You were a budget guru and a true advocate for us and we respected that about you. Our Fantasy was fulfilled and thanks to you, we had a really blessed and fulfilled day. Could our wedding day have been better? Absolutely not, it was perfect :). Thank You Bee The Buzz Event.

Ceremony: Nazareth Chapel – Northwestern College

Reception: Windows on Minnesota – Marquette Hotel

Rentals: Midway Party Rental and Linen Effects

Flowers: Luna Vinca

Cake: Queen of Cakes

Photographer: Dotun Photo Lounge

Videographer: Saved By Grace Studio

Stationeries: Pen and Ink, Sachkia Barnes, Bee The Buzz Event

Wedding Planning, Design & Coordination: Bee The Buzz Event

Video Shoot with Staja Studios

This morning I had the privilege to participate in a video shoot with Staja Studios for their new cinematic video product line. I am still in adrenaline high as I am writing this blog, even though I had only 3 hour of sleep last night (my little boy had a fever and was constantly up since 3 am). It was a fantastic interview by Jason Thon and me being a background person was actually quite at ease, thanks to Ryan for shooting the video. I can’t wait to see the final product!

I can’t tell you how much I highly recommend Staja Studios for their work in weddings and also in charity work. They are super amazing! If you are still looking for an awesome photographer for your wedding or special event, please give them a call and check out their new booklet at: They are also offering photo sessions for babies and families after the wedding. Who doesn’t love that?

Also this morning (see why I was so excited?) I met a wonderful Kaja Foat, the owner of Foat Design. Do you know what she does? Well, I feel giddy for introducing her to you. She does an amazing work of re-designing bridal gowns from the past into a totally new, totally fabulous dress of the present. Let’s say, your mom had this beautiful bridal gown which she wore for her wedding that you are absolutely in love with. Perhaps as time passes, some of the fabric is no longer in good condition or you just want to re-create a dress of your own but using some of her fabric for sentimental reason. By any means, call Kaja Foat! I saw with my own eyes this morning how she transformed a 1940s dress into a simple, one-of-a-kind dress that will surely be amazing to wear. She also designs yoga and every-day apparel that are just so sweet. Check her out at:

Shop for your wedding: At the Mall

Brought to you by Mall everywhere: Your Wedding. From gown selections to skin care, I saw weddings, weddings, weddings all over the Mall.

The Limited is not only selling your work wardrobe but they also sell wedding dresses. What’s crazy is the price. Gowns are selling for less than $250. The bridesmaids dresses are selling for $60. Need accessories? They are selling necklaces and bracellets less than $40. But again, what you paid is what you get. The fabric is decent but the color is not applicable to all skin tones. The seams may look like it was done too quick and therefore not giving the feeling of high point in your dress search as “the one”. Some brides love it. Some don’t. If you are okay with all this, go for it. Otherwise, there are plenty of local bridal shops who would be happy to have you as a customer. And in return, you will be a happy bride as well. I think you will be happy regardless what you choose. You have the man whom you will spend the rest of your life with!

Digging deeper, you would love to look and smell good on your big day, wouldn’t you? My favorite skincare – Philosophy – is now offering a range of products for weddings. From the oxygen peel (which I personally use even though I’m not getting married again) to the field of flowers shower gel to the unconditional love spray fragrance. You can basically mix and match (and bring to your honeymoon) all these products that work for you. You will feel refreshed and lovely all day on your big day.

image from

image from

image from


Ah, love is in the air! Happy Engagement and Planning!

The Salt Covenant

A new twist on Unity Candle and Sand ceremonies at weddings is the Salt Covenant. When I found out about this, the first thing that came to my mind was: brilliant. The Salt Covenant is not only unique but also brings great meaning to the bride and groom.

Image and wording below from CenteredCeramics

The Story of the Salt Covenant

The Salt Covenant
During ancient times, agreements and promises were sealed by a salt covenant. Each person would take a pinch of salt from their pouch and place it in the pouch of the other. This agreement could not be broken unless an individual could retrieve their own grains of salt. But this, of course, is impossible.

This raku-fired salt egg has been especially made for you to create a salt covenant with your spouse in the beginning of your new life together.

Both spouses should take a bag of salt and combine the the two bags inside the egg.This a bond that can not be broken… as is a symbol of an unbreakable promise of love.

Salt is to add flavor to any meal. Just so, salt in a wedding ceremony is a symbol of adding seasoning to a marriage that will not easily broken.

Why do you need salt in your marriage?

Salt is a good preservative. It will help you remember that your love for one another should be preserved for all time.

Salt adds flavor. We all need a little spice in our lives.

Salt melts ice. When your heart begins to grow cold you can melt one another again.

Salt is easily dissolved. You can remember to dissolve your issues and learn to work together.

Now use this salt in your cooking until it’s gone, and then each time it needs refilled, refill it together. It is a wonderful way to remember what your marriage is about.

Why an egg? The egg shape symbolizes the full cycle of life, and therefore encompasses all that you will enjoy, create, and love with in your life together.

This Salt Covenant can be purchased at

image from CenteredCeramics

Lila Couture

My friend Lisa and I was at Posh Bridal Shop in Semple Mansion a few weekends ago and despite the cold weather outside, we had a BLAST! We laughed, took pictures and guess what … we met the designer herself! I think Lisa and I were both a bit starstrucked when we met Amanda (Lila Couture’s designer) as we had never met a gown designer in person. Amanda was so down to earth and it was really fun to meet with her.

(from left to right: me (who obviously needed a hair cut), Lisa and Lila, the designer)

And yes, what you see is what you get. Posh will also open a bottle of champagne to celebrate your wedding gown purchase! How lovely!